Here are some wonderful testimonials from our Customers


Lindy Thompson – July 17, 2019

I wanted to pass along that I’m SUPER impressed with the Equi-Mast product. My coach, Petra Warlimont (Evergreen, CO), has had wonderful success with all of her dressage horses and recommended I put my horse on it! Thank you for such a great product! I’d never heard of your company until Petra pointed me in your direction. I’ll be shopping through your other products soon.

Nikki Prescott – April 24, 2018

I have been giving my horses, both personal and private, the Critter Fritter Horse Treats. I am the barn manager for the Omaha Police Mounted Patrol. At work, they are something special, as the horses do not get treats very often. When I pick up the bag, they all look at me like they do at Christmas when they get candy canes. They love them and it is a highlight in their day. I have one horse at home who does not always eat treats, yet if he sees I have the bag, he will not pass up the Critter Fritters. As for my dog, she gets a treat before bed every night and has a habit of staring at the box until something is forthcoming. She now stares at the bag of Critter Fritters and absolutely loves them. Thank you Kaeco. These are a great product. The size is so convenient and the animals love them.

Phil Mitchell – January 25, 2018

I have using horse treats from kaeco for sometime now with several horses and found them to be very palatable and readily accepted. I use them as a reward when a requested maneuver is done right. Also a big help in haltering horses not caught often. Again a reward. This has worked very well for me and I think will continue to do so as long as I don’t over use. Thanks to kaeco for another quality product at a very good price.

Jodi Nellesen – “Martin” September 11, 2017

For the past two months we have been feeding Equi-Mast gastric formula to one of my daughter’s horses. We have owned this horse for several years and he’s always been an irritated horse who just kept to himself. When hauling him to rodeos he often wouldn’t eat the second day on the road and was very anxious and stressed out. I love the Kaeco Calming oral gel and that would take the edge off of him, but I sensed he had ulcers. Since feeding the Equi-Mast he’s a whole different animal. He’s put on a little weight, eats on the road and is less anxious. I still give the calming oral gel before competition but only have to give half as much. We have seen a visible difference after using these great products!


Dear Mr. Kratochvil,

You might remember me from the Breed Show at Saddle & Sirloin where you gave me a tube of Equi-Bac to try.

I am delighted and grateful! Last year my 2000 filly developed severe diarrhea on day two that lasted day after day and required round the clock monitoring and Pepto-Bismal, probiotics and antibiotics. I could easily have lost her. This year, same pen and same cross, I fed Equi-Bac as directed (even before colostrum!) and never saw any loose manure. She is two weeks old now and doing great!

It worked for me! This was only a two horse (filly) experiment, but I feel the conditions this year were worse than last year because of rain, cool temps and mud. I plan to be using Equi-Bac next year, too. Thanks again!

Mary K.

Dear Mr. Kratochvil,

We have 15,000 visitors through the Omaha Mounted Police facility each year and people are surprised that there is no smell at all in here…even when the doors are closed. Last winter the brutal cold kept the ten horses inside the barn all day except for their daily exercise and the facility still smelled fresh and clean thanks to your Stall Powder. Thanks for a great product!

Sgt. D.C.

Dear Mr. Kratochvil,

I would like to take the time to let you know how extremely pleased I am with your product, “Stall Powder.” After ordering a 40# container on a trial basis, as I usually do with any new product, I was totally impressed. Its pleasant, clean smell was almost what sold me on it the moment I opened the container. However, that was not the only reason I decided to try the product. The promise of it neutralizing odors, possessing non-toxic absorbents, and being biodegradable was almost too much to believe.

After the first application our barn smelled more like a freshly mowed pasture than a stall area housing six horses. My initial order turned into our second, and ultimately locating you, the manufacturer. We have received several requests as to what we use to freshen our barn. Our veterinarian was intrigued with Stall Powder and plans on using it in her new facility.

As all horse owners know, the smell of our beloved friends can sometimes be more than even the most sincere horse lover can bear. And, running a therapeutic riding center geared at serving handicapped children, that presents itself well in all phases of horse care, is a great concern of ours. Your product has literally removed several of those concerns.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. Sincerely,
Vicki Karius – Owner
Iron Horse Therapeutic Riding Center, Hebron, IN

For years, Kaeco has offered top quality products that help address the needs of the individual and the demands of the professional. Keeping a Mounted Unit operating two shifts year round is a tall order for horses. We relied on Kaeco products for nutritional needs and pro-active equine health care. We use the products because they work!

Sgt. Tom Kratochvil (ret.) Omaha Police Mounted Patrol Unit


This afternoon I received my first six pound bucket of BIOTIN 800 in the pellet form. It was about feeding time so I added it into the feed with the enclosed handy scoop.

I stayed around until they were through eating and observed the feeders. They were empty. Not one pellet had been sorted out and left. That shows me it is a very palatable product as well as my horse got his dose of Biotin. Whereas, in the meal form, I was never sure.

For these reasons, I’m a customer.

To: Kaeco Group, Inc.

Being in the farrier business as long as we have, we have seen a lot of products come through the shop. When I was first introduced to Kaeco Epsom Salts Poultice, I thought it was a good idea, but I reserved judgment until I had some first hand results.

The day before one of our spring High School Rodeos, my daughters’ head horse came limping in behind the rest of the herd. I picked up the lame front foot, and there was a large Locust thorn stuck in the frog. It had penetrated about 3/4’s of an inch, and the horse was a grade III lame. I pulled the thorn, trimmed the bleeding frog a little with a hoof-knife, and packed the foot with Epsom Salts Poultice, I was doubtful about being able to use the horse, so we started calling around for a weekend replacement. The next morning, the horse ran into the barnyard at his customary front of the herd position, and you would have never known that he had been lame.

That was the first of several great experiences with this product. I recommend it to a lot of our customers for everything from abscesses and infections to sprained ligaments. You will not be disappointed with the effectiveness of Kaeco’s Epsom Salts Poultice.

Chris Gregory

Chris Gregory is the owner of Heartland Horseshoeing School in Lamar, Missouri. He is an American Farriers’ Association Certified Journeyman Farrier, an International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member, and one of only a few Fellows of the Worshipful Company of Farriers of London.