Diagnosis and Management of Insulin Resistance and Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) in Horses

Nicholas Frank, DVM, PhD, DACVIM University of Tennessee, TN University of Nottingham, UK Introduction The term ‘equine metabolic syndrome (EMS)’ has been adopted to describe a collection of clinical signs that contribute to the development of founder (laminitis) in horses. Equine metabolic syndrome has not been rigorously defined and critics rightfully argue that more studies […]

CSU Veterinarians Issue Warning to Horse Owners About Pigeon Fever

Equine owners should be extra vigilant for signs of pigeon fever in their horses, according to Colorado State University veterinarians at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  A spike in reported cases of this infectious disease has been reported in the northern Front Range of Colorado. This highly contagious disease is also called pigeon breast, breastbone fever, […]

Colostrum: Liquid Gold

Wild & Woolly – Spring 2007 The importance of high quality colostrum cannot be over-emphasized. Colostrum is so important that it is sometimes called “liquid gold.” All mammals produce colostrum. It is the thick, yellowish, first milk produced by the female after parturition. Colostrum is rich in energy, protein, vitamins and minerals. Most importantly, it […]