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Slowing Dewormer Resistance

Dewormer resistance is inevitable, but the rate at which it develops is not. It is a well-known fact that gastro-intestinal parasites (worms) have developed resistance to all of the currently available dewormers (anthelmintics) [1,2,7]. Resistance means that an anthelmintic treatment is not effective (or only marginally effective) at killing worms and alleviating clinical symptoms. Worm […]

Prebiotics and Probiotics

These popular nutritional supplements often are administered to horses with gastrointestinal concerns In the simplest terms, probiotics are “good” microbes and bacteria, and prebiotics are the foods that feed the probiotics. Pam Mackenzie Overview Nutritional supplements are extremely popular among horse owners, and those designed for digestion are the second most commonly administered type behind […]

Organic Zinc, Copper Might Help Horsehair Health

Organic Zinc, Copper Might Help Horsehair Health The Horse – June 2010 In the hunt for healthier horsehair, researchers in Poland claim to have found basic dietary ingredients that will improve the strength and elasticity of individual strands of manes and tails. According to their new study, forms of zinc and copper have beneficial effects […]

Nutrition and Insulin Resistance in Horses

Nutrition and Insulin Resistance in Horses Michael K. Guy, DVM, MS, PhD and Julianna Peterson, DVM Abstract Insulin-resistant horses have an increased susceptibility to laminitis. Overweight horses are often insulin resistant as are those with equine Cushing’s disease. Insulin resistance may be managed with the implementation of proper management techniques consisting of increased exercise and […]

Insulin Levels Correlated to Laminitis

A prospective clinical study examined the relationship between insulin levels and laminitis severity in 25 horses and ponies with equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), equine Cushings disease (ECD) and controls. Horses with naturally occurring laminitis as well as EMS or ECD were selected for the study along with unaffected controls from the same premises.  Blood samples […]