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Epsom Salt Poultice


A topical gel designed for external applications. Effective as a drawing agent to address abscesses, infections and sole bruising. Helps reduce inflammation and soothes pain caused from bruises, sprains strains and insect bites.

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Available in 20 ounce jar and 10 pound size.

Kaeco Epsom Salt Poultice is a topical gel designed for external applications. It is effective for drawing abscesses, helps reduce swelling and soothes pain caused from bruises, sprains and strains. “A great choice for insect bites and drawing abscess collections from the feet. We’d keep a jar around just for that…” (Horse Journal – August 2004)
For years, horse owners have understood the benefits of soaking horses legs and hooves in epsom salts. Epsom salts are an effective treatment for drawing abscesses, reducing swelling and soothing sore muscles or joints. This soothing and effective therapy is now available with Kaeco’s Epsom Salt Poultice. This topical gel is highly recommended for drawing abscess collection from feet

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20 oz, 10 lbs.

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    To: Kaeco Group, Inc.
    I am a proud owner of a 17 yr old gelding who is a paint/dunn cross. His name is Ball. Ball foundered severly leading me to look high and low for help and this is a brief story of some of the much needed help he received On Ball’s front feet he had blown out both of his soles and had drainage tracts on the tops from abcesses that had occureed at the coronet band. Ball was abcessing 5 days out of 7 and it was wearing him and me both down. After a lengthy phone call with Tom from Kaeco and Kelly from Kaeco jumping through hoops to get the epsom salt poultice to me the rest of the story goes like this….

    At Tom’s direction and after receiving the epsom salt poultice my daughter and I poulticed Ball’s front feet top and bottom and the waiting began. Within 13 hours from the initial poulticing Ball had sprung abcess leaks on the tops of his feet at the drainage tracts and within 24 hours Ball was experiencing relief and at 48 hours his relief was improving. After the initial 48 hours we went again for another 48 hours of poulticing to see what would happen.

    After the second 48 hours Ball ‘s holes on the tops and bottoms of the feet stopped draining. That initial treatment began the week of Memorial Day week and today September 24, 2009 Ball remains abcess free. Ball still has his drainage tracts on the tops but the holes on the bottom have grown off. As far as Ball knows, he’s cured. Ball is jumping, jiving and running like the wind. Between me and my daughter’s family we have many horses and the Kaeco Epsom Salt Poultice is a standard part of the horse box. To you skeptics DO NOT underestimate this product. We’ve used it on numerous other horses with great results. This product is simple and superb to say the least.

    Thanks to Tom and Kelly for your passion for me and Ball.

    Janet Cooper, Oklahoma

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    I am so THRILLED with your Epsom Salt Poultice!

    A few days back our farrier, Joe Risinger, gave us this poultice to pack our donkey’s hoof to treat an abscess. I decided to give it a try on our DOG who has a nasty aural hematoma (swollen ear flap). After cold compressing this ear for several days, I figured, why not give it a try. This morning I woke up to a new dog! Last night he was suffering, not moving, not eating and I was imagining a surgical procedure nothing short of $300 or more. Today the ear is shrunk by at least half, pliable and my dog is generally happy, despite his other “OLD DOG” ailments.

    Your poultice is great! I will spread the news!


    Allison Miller

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